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Please find below the minutes for the latest Formby Parish Council meeting. A copy of the minutes is available to download at the bottom of the page.


This meeting was held online due to the covid-19 pandemic


Councillors: Bob McCann (Chairman), Colin Appleton, Derek Baxter, Sandra Baxter, Maria Bennett, Dawn Brodie, David Dutton, Dave Irving, Yvonne Irving, Susan McCann, Carol Richards, Joe Riley and Mike Weild.

In Attendance: Claire Jenkins (Clerk), Jill Hendry (Administrative Assistant) and 3 members of public.

58.0 Apologies for Absence

There were apologies received from Cllrs Prescott and Wiencke.

Members noted that Cllr Wiencke is unlikely to attend meetings for a while due to illness.

It was resolved to approve a reason for absence for Cllr Wiencke.

59.0 Members Declaration of Interest

Cllrs Richards declared an interest in item 60.1.

60.0 Public Forum

The meeting was adjourned for this item.

60.1 A member of Imagine Formby (formerly Formby Business and Community Partnership) shared a presentation with the Council.

Imagine Formby recently completed a residents survey about their views on the Village centre. The survey suggested that improvements could be made to the visual appearance of the village. Imagine Formby consider that the 8 entry ways onto Chapel Lane could be improved.  These areas are not appealing, especially in the dark, and have some weeds and graffiti. Imagine Formby would like to improve the appearance with trellises, painting, removal of weeds, install greenery and general tidy up. It was noted that Cllr Riley had previously been appointed as the Parish Council’s representative on the Formby Business and Community Partnership and the Chairman suggested that he should be involved with the reformed group to explore the ideas and report back to the Council.

The meeting was reconvened.

61.0 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 6 October were approved as a correct record. As the meeting was held online, the Clerk will arrange for the minutes to be signed.

62.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting

62.1 Cllr B McCann reported back that 5 LED lights have been installed at Duke Street Park on the pathway between Philips Lane and Duke Street.

62.2 Cllr Appleton asked if there are any plans for tidying up the Memorial Garden ahead of Remembrance Sunday. The Clerk advised that this is the responsibility of Sefton Council and will ask Green Sefton to do this before Remembrance Sunday.

62.3 Cllr Appleton reported that the bench survey is underway. If anyone knows of any bench in the area that needs repair/replacement, please inform Cllr Appleton.

62.4 Ravenmeols Hills Rights of Way – the Clerk will request an update from Sefton Council.

62.5 Land by Formby Football Club, no objections have been received and the business has now ceased trading. The developer/site owner has until 19 November 2020 in which to comply with the terms of the enforcement notice. Members raised concerns that the unlawful activities on that land could well have caused contamination which Sefton Council will need to ensure is addressed as part of the enforcement.

63.0 Planning Applications

Members discussed the planning applications on Sefton’s weekly list and noted the following:

63.1 43a Freshfield Road application withdrawn

63.2 Firwood Hall, 10 Alexandra Road – no update on the removal of 48 trees. Sefton Council are going to the site this week.

63.3 Grasshopper Cottage, Freshfield Road. Cllr Irving reported that he had submitted an objection and informed the Planning Authority that two neighbours had not received notification. Cllr Irving further reported that he had not specifically asked for this to be “called in” and apologised for that as the decision has now been taken at officer level.

63.4 Harington Road Post Office – the Post Office have advised that they have been unable to find anyone to take over this business which will remain closed.

63.5 Liverpool Road Hedge Row – over 250 objections have been received. Cllr Bennett reported that this cannot be “called in” before the Planning Committee, as the developer must be given a response by 16th November. Members expressed concern as following the removal of over 300m of ancient hedgerow already without permission and for which Sefton Council have not taken legal action against the developer. It was agreed that Cllr Bennett and Cllr D. Irving would investigate what steps the Parish Council can take to support the resident objections. It was noted that the Parish Council have an approved budget for legal and professional advice that can be called on if needed.

64.0 To discuss and approve the following:

64.1 To consider that the Parish Council take over responsibility for the Christmas lights display in the village, (following the collapse of the Christmas Lights Committee) to include:

  1. £600 for SMBC technical support
  2. £3000 for installation, removal and storage of lights
  3. Energy consumption £80
  4. A contingency amount to be agreed – Finance minutes refer

Members expressed annoyance at the  very short notice of the request from the lights committee to take over responsibility. The council does not know the condition of the lights, timers, fixtures and fittings or whether they are fit for purpose. Members also expressed concern about the cost implications and there was a general discussion on how much of a contingency would be needed for this year. The Clerk reported that in the past there has been a donation of £1,500 from Sefton Council and further donations from the Ward Cllrs budgets and Tesco and Waitrose token schemes – however the token schemes have not operated this year due to Covid. It was agreed that the Parish Council should ask for donations and that any budget approval would be offset by any donation amount received. Cllr McCann suggested that the Parish Council will need to invest in the Christmas lights over the next few years, as much of the existing equipment is now old and past its expiry date.

It was resolved to approve a budget of £10,000 for the Christmas lights.

64.2 To receive the External Auditor report for the year ending 31 March 2020 and to note that there are no matters arising from the review.

Members noted the External Auditor report.

64.3 To consider making a planning application and assist in funding the relocation of the Chindit Memorial to the green on Harington Road near the shops.

Cllr Irving reported that the memorial is currently located on a substation on Proctor Road and that residents are unable to gain access to the memorial as a large security fence surrounds it. Cllr D Irving has had discussions with the Chindit Society regarding relocation and funding and they will help source funding. Sefton Council have been asked to waive the cost of the planning application, but no response has been received. There may also be a fee for a planning agent.

It was resolved to approve the cost of preparing and submitting a planning application.

65.0 Payments

  1. Employer expenses – £1865.51
  2. Office lease, Sefton MBC – £250.00
  3. Office phone and broadband, BT – £56.39
  4. Christmas tree – £1,680.00
  5. Fence for Christmas Tree – £1,086.00
  6. External audit review – £360.00
  7. Wreath for VJ Day – £17.00
  8. Wreath for Remembrance Sunday – £ 18.50

Total £5,333.40

It was resolved to make the payments as listed above.

66.0 The following reports were noted (circulated with Agenda)

Finance and General Purposes Group Minutes

There was no Chairman’s report

67.0 Date of Next Meeting:

The next Ordinary Meeting of Formby Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 1 December 2020, 7pm, online. The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Log in details can be found on the agenda, which will be published on the website


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