Formby Parish Council Minutes – 5 January 2020

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Meetings, Minutes

Please find below the minutes for the latest Formby Parish Council meeting. A copy of the minutes is available to download at the bottom of the page.


This meeting was held online due to the covid-19 pandemic


Councillors: Bob McCann (Chairman), Colin Appleton, Derek Baxter, Sandra Baxter, Maria Bennett, Dawn Brodie, David Dutton, Dave Irving, Yvonne Irving, Susan McCann, Bernie Prescott, Carol Richards, Joe Riley, Mike Weild and Paul Wiencke

In Attendance:

Claire Jenkins (Clerk), Jill Hendry (Administrative Assistant) and 1 member of public

78.0 Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies.

79.0 Members Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

80.0 Public Forum

The meeting was adjourned for this item.

A resident asked two questions:

Q1. How much funding was given to Frack Free Formby by both Formby Parish and Little Altcar Councils, when and to which account? When was the survey conducted, where and what dates and times? Where can members of the public see the outcome?

If the survey has not been undertaken, why and what steps will the Councils take to recover the funds?

The Clerk will gather the information and update the member of the public.

Q2. Some time ago I asked Council members if they would consider marking the contribution to public life by Ian Cowell. I understand members were waiting for the family to respond to a suggestion that a bench could be sited in the village. What is happening?

The Clerk has sent a letter to Mrs Cowell with the suggestion of installing a plaque on a bench or a tree marking Mr Cowell’s contributions to the community, but so far has not received any communication back from the family. The Clerk will send a follow up letter.

The meeting was reconvened.

81.0 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 1 December 2020 were approved as a correct record. As the meeting was held online, the Clerk will arrange for the minutes to be signed.

82.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting

82.1 Cllr B McCann informed the Council that since the last meeting the Christmas Tree, lights, baubles, and star had been put up in Formby village and had been well received by the community. Unfortunately, the fence surrounding the tree and most of the baubles have been vandalised.

82.2 The food hampers for the most vulnerable members in the community were delivered to the schools before Christmas. Cllr McCann thanked all the volunteers involved in packing the hampers and delivering them to the schools. Special thanks to Cllr Bennett for all her hard work shopping for 4 hours in Tesco and using her van for the collection and delivery of the food to the PDC. The Parish Council have received a letter of thanks from the Head teacher at Formby High School.

83.0 Planning Applications

Members discussed the planning applications on Sefton’s weekly list and noted the following:

83.1 30 Liverpool Road, a pre-application has been advised for 4 houses to be built on the site.

83.2 Liverpool Road Development Site, the Parish Council has commissioned a report from the noise consultant and will follow this up with Sefton’s Environmental Health department.

83.3 St Luke’s Church Road Rights of Way Application, The Officer from Sefton Council has been to London to view the original documents. This will go to the next Licensing Committee meeting to correct a change in the wording of the original resolution that needs to be approved before the Order can be made.

83.4 House opposite Harington Road Shops, a large roof extension has been erected. Residents have complained that it is out of keeping with the area and much taller than the surrounding properties. The house was given approval for the roof extension for up to 1.5 meters in height. The house does not exceed this.

84.0 To discuss and approve the following:

84.1 To approve the budget for 2021/2022 as recommended by the Finance and General Purposes Group.

It was resolved to approve the budget for 2021/2022

84.2 To determine the precept for 2021/2022 as per the budget recommendation.

Members agreed that the precept for 2021/22 should remain the same per household as for the current year, (which for a band D household is £9.96 per annum and which is the same for both Formby and Little Altcar residents).

It was resolved to approve the precept for 2021/22 as per the budget recommendation to remain the same as for the current year based on the 8 valuation bands.

 85.0 Payments

  1. employer expenses – £1596.86
  2. office lease, Sefton MBC – £250.00
  3. office phone and broadband, BT – £56.39
  4. xmas food hampers – £1528.75
  5. mayors toy appeal, Mayors Toy Appeal Fund – £500.00
  6. lights Duke Street Park, SMBC – £6,955.11
  7. donation to FCFC volunteers, Formby Community Football Club – £1,000.00
  8. office supplies, Select Office – £91.80

Total £11,978.91

It was resolved to make the payments as listed above.

86.0 The following reports were noted (circulated with Agenda)

  • Finance and General Purposes Group Minutes

86.1 Chairman’s Report

The Chairman wished everyone a happy New Year.

It was reported that the Covid 19 vaccination programme was being co-ordinated by the local NHS. Formby, Ainsdale and Birkdale residents will be invited to attend the Ainsdale Health and Wellbeing Centre. Members expressed concern about transport for elderly and vulnerable residents to the Centre, which is approximately 1 mile from the train station. It was agreed the Clerk would write to the Chief Officer of the Southport and Formby CCG to express this concern and to see if transport can be arranged for those in need.

87.0 Date of Next Meeting:

The next Ordinary Meeting of Formby Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 2 February 2021, 7pm, online. The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Log in details can be found on the agenda, which will be published on the website


It was noted that the next meeting was re-scheduled to be held on Monday 1 February, but this has now been reverted to its original date of Tuesday 2 February.


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