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Please find below the minutes for the latest Formby Parish Council meeting. A copy of the minutes is available to download at the bottom of the page.


This meeting was held online due to the covid-19 pandemic

Present: Councillors: Bob McCann (Chairman), Derek Baxter, Sandra Baxter, Maria Bennett, Dawn Brodie, David Dutton (item 114.0), Dave Irving, Yvonne Irving, Bernie Prescott, Carol Richards, Joe Riley, Mike Weild and Paul Wiencke

In Attendance: Claire Jenkins (Clerk), Jill Hendry (Administrative Assistant) and 0 members of public

113.0 Apologies for Absence

There were apologies received from Cllrs Appleton and S McCann.

114.0 Members Declaration of Interest

Cllr Richards declared an interest in item 119.5 and left the meeting for this item.

115.0 Public Forum

The meeting was adjourned for this item.

There were no members of the public in attendance.

The meeting was reconvened.

116.0 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 2 March 2021 were approved as a correct record. As the meeting was held online, the Clerk will arrange for the minutes to be signed.

117.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting

The Chairman reported as follows:

117.1 Cllr B McCann and the Clerk met online with residents of St Luke’s Church Road to discuss the Rights of Way application.

117.2 Cllr B McCann reported a meeting had been held with Sefton Council Conservation Officer.

117.3 Cllrs B McCann, D Irving and Y Irving met with residents of Crown Close regarding the trees that had been cut down.

117.4 Cllr B McCann informed the Cllrs that a former Formby Parish Councillor Norma Griffiths has sadly passed away. Members shared their memories of Cllr Griffiths and our condolences and thoughts are with her family.

118.0 Planning Applications

Members discussed the planning applications on Sefton’s weekly list and noted the following:

118.1 Brackenway Development – it was noted that since the Parish Council had submitted an objection based on a flooding review undertaken on our behalf, the Environment Agency are opposing the revised plans due to flooding concerns. The report commissioned by the Parish Council have queried the flood modelling and identified that the retention basins are inadequate.

118.2 Liverpool Road Site Foul Pumping Station– an objection has been submitted to the location on the site based on residential amenity and Policy F2 in the Neighbourhood Plan, which requires developers to consider all forms of flooding including effluent waste.

118.3 Wooded area on corner on Harebell Close – application has been withdrawn.

118.4 Formby Cricket Club fence – application approved.

118.5 Unregulated Construction Waste Disposal site by Formby Football Club. Members requested that we write to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

118.6 Lunts Lane footpath – members asked has the 6-month closure been extended?

119.0 To discuss and approve the following:

119.1 To undertake an annual review of Earmarked Reserves – Finance and GP Group minutes refer:

Members reviewed the earmarked reserves and agreed to recommend to the Parish Council to maintain the reserves as listed:

2021-22 22-23 23-24
Ringfence budget of £10,000 delayed VE day celebration (approved Apr 2020) 10,000
Ringfence budget of £10,000 for tree grids (approved June 2020) and second year allocation for 2022-23 10,000 10,000
budget allocation for new/replacement Christmas lights 20000 20,000
Tree planting and maintenance 10,000
CCTV and crime prevention 10,000

Members voted: Cllr B McCann: Yes, Cllr D Baxter: Yes, Cllr S Baxter: Yes, Cllr Bennett: Yes, Cllr Brodie: Yes, Cllr Dutton: Yes, Cllr D Irving: Yes, Cllr Y Irving: Yes, Cllr Prescott: Yes, Cllr Richards: Yes, Cllr Riley: Yes, Cllr Weild: Yes and Cllr Wiencke: Yes.

It was resolved to approve the earmarked reserves as recommended.

119.2 To approve the Annual Risk Assessment

It was resolved to approve the Annual Risk Assessment.

119.3 To approve an annual tree planting budget

Members discussed funding replacement trees for trees that have been felled in Formby. Cllrs have met with Sefton Council Trees team and asked if we can put replacement trees in place of the felled trees. Cllrs have requested to be kept informed about trees that could be potentially lost in the area that Sefton Council are watching. Formby Parish Council has asked for a list of trees that have been felled in the last 5 years so a program of replacement trees can be put in place. It was discussed that a nominal budget should be set for the purpose of putting a programme in place with the Tree Department, however this budget could be supplemented by the Environment budget if required.

It was resolved to approve an annual tree planting budget of £1,000 a year.

119.4 To approve the commencement of the procurement process for a 3-year term to include the purchase, installation, removal, storage and maintenance of Christmas lights.

Members discussed the recommendations of the Finance and GP Group to purchase rather than lease new lights, having reviewed estimated costs of both options. The Clerk advised that the procurement process would be undertaken by Sefton Street Lighting Department and that tenders would be invited based on the option recommended for the purchase of new lights.

It was resolved to approve the commencement of the procurement process.

119.5 To discuss the reporting of Parish Council activities on a Labour election campaign leaflet.

Members discussed the following statement:

Formby Parish Council are able to award grants in support of community groups, but not private profit-making companies. A recent publication by a political party, as part of their election campaign, made the statement that the Parish Council had awarded a grant to a private company, a director of which is a parish councillor.

This statement could be interpreted to suggest that there has been some impropriety by the Parish Council.

The Clerk, and the Chair, wish to clarify that no payment was made to a private company, but to a community group of a similar name, that the Parish Councillor mentioned by name in the election document has not been in receipt of Parish Council community funds, and this matter has been notified to the returning officer at Sefton Borough Council.

120.0 Payments

  1. Employer expenses – £1814.23
  2. Office lease, Sefton MBC – £250
  3. Office phone and broadband, BT £56.39
  4. NALC Subscription, LALC – £2074.69
  5. Postage, Clerk – £10.20

Total £4,205.51

It was resolved to make the payments as listed above.

121.0 The following reports were noted (circulated with Agenda)

  • Finance and General Purposes Group Minutes
  • Environment Group Minutes
  • Chairman’s report – there was no Chairman’s report this month.

122.0 Date of Next Meeting:

The Annual Meeting of Formby Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 4 May 2021, immediately following the Annual Parish Meeting which will be held at 7pm, online. The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Log in details can be found on the agenda, which will be published on the website


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