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Please find below the minutes for the latest Formby Parish Council meeting. A copy of the minutes is available to download at the bottom of the page.



Councillors: Bob McCann (Chairman), Colin Appleton, Derek Baxter, Sandra Baxter, Maria Bennett, Dawn Brodie, David Dutton, Dave Irving, Yvonne Irving, Susan McCann, Bernie Prescott, Carol Richards, Joe Riley, Mike Weild and Paul Wiencke.

In Attendance:  Claire Jenkins (Clerk) and 1 member of public

91.0 Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies received.

92.0 Members Declaration of Interest

Cllr Richards declared an interest in minute 97.6.

93.0 Public Forum

The meeting was adjourned for this item.

 93.1 A resident commented on the number of charity plastic bags being posted through letter boxes. He has received 31 since March. Across the 10,500 houses in Formby for the period that equates to 325,500 plastic bags the majority of which will go to landfill. Across the borough and the UK, the problem is phenomenal. Cllr Irving agreed to put a motion to Sefton Council

93.2 The resident commented on car parking in Formby which he stated is horrendous and complained about the number of cars parking on pavements. Cllr McCann explained that at present this is a criminal offence, however, later this year it will become a civil offence and traffic wardens will then be able to issue parking offence notices.  It was noted that there is a project ongoing to influence parent behaviour regarding parking near schools.  Visitor beach traffic issues were raised, and the Chairman advised that Formby Parish Council have discussed contributing towards 2 matrix signs for the bypass, but Sefton MBC and the National Trust have not progressed this.

 The meeting was reconvened.

94.0 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 7 January 2020 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

95.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting

Minute 86.3 The Clerk reported that the feasibility study for the pedestrian crossing on Southport Road has not commenced yet. Information is awaited from Sefton Highways.

96.0 Planning Applications

Members discussed the planning applications on Sefton’s weekly list and noted the following:

96.1 The application for the old Ambulance Station won’t conform to our Neighbourhood Plan. An objection will be submitted.

96.2 West Lane application for 65 homes has been withdrawn.

96.3 Argarmeols Road appeal dismissed.

It was further noted that there are several applications for the removal of trees in the area.

97.0 To discuss and approve the following:

97.1 To approve the revised Standing Orders.

It was resolved to approve the revised Standing Orders.

97.2 To approve the revised Financial Regulations.

It was resolved to approve the revised Financial Regulations.

97.3 To approve the purchase of a network storage device – Finance minutes refer

It was resolved to approve the purchase of a network storage device.

97.4 To approve the purchase of a software licence for a payroll and accounting system

It was resolved to approve the purchase of the licence.

97.5 To note the appointment of a planning consultant to provide professional services.

Cllrs noted the appointment of a planning consultant (under Financial Regulation 11.1.a.ii) to undertake a review of the Land North of Brackenway planning application, provide a report on behalf of the parish council for the Planning Committee and also to represent the parish council and speak on our behalf at that Committee. It was also noted that the re-consultation was notified on the 14 January with a deadline for responses of Friday 7th February, which was a very short timescale for a major application with 120 associated technical documents. The Clerk advised that four planning consultants had been approached, however, only one was available to undertake the work within the timescale and the cost will be £3,500 + vat. Some Cllrs voiced dismay that Sefton planning officers are unable to undertake this work on behalf of the community, however, it was explained that they cannot respond/object on our behalf. The remit of the planning officers is to facilitate development.

97.6 To note the expenditure of £250 +vat for legal advice on rights of way – Environment Group minutes refer.

Cllrs noted the expenditure (under Financial Regulation 11.1.a.ii).

98.0 Payments

  1. Website training – £40.00
  2. Employment expenses – £1,694.72
  3. Phone and broadband – £58.80
  4. Office lease – £250.00
  5. Office supplies – £19.08
  6. Liquid feed for trees – £15.99
  7. Refreshments for VE meeting – £13.30

Total £2,091.89

It was resolved to make the payments as listed above.

99.0 Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported that the damaged pedestrian safety railings in the village are being investigated, however at present Sefton have not secured compensation and that the parish council will have to pay for most of the cost of replacement and repair. Negotiations are ongoing with Sefton Council.

There have been several reports of antisocial behaviour on Duke Street Park. The Phillips Lane CCTV system will be reviewed as to whether it needs upgrading. It was noted that video doorbell evidence is now being used by police as prosecution evidence.

100.0 The following reports were noted (circulated with Agenda)

  • Clerk’s Report
  • Environment Group minutes
  • Finance and General Purposes Group Minutes

101.0 Date of Next Meeting:

The next Ordinary Meeting of Formby Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 3 March 2020, 7pm, Formby Library, Duke Street, Formby.


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