Please find attached a report summarising typical noise and vibration impacts associated with piling noise and vibration activities at the Land West of Formby Bypass (Planning application ref DC/2018/00658 erection of 304 dwellings).

This work has been commissioned in response to complaints received by the Parish at the end of last year, and in anticipation of further complaints once works on the site recommence.

As shown in the report:

  • During piling activities in the vicinity of the site boundary, all piling methods have the potential to exceed noise threshold criteria without appropriate mitigation.
  • Of the methods considered, and based on the assumptions stated in this report, pressed-in piling is considered to be the most preferable on noise grounds. Driven piling is shown to be the least preferable on noise grounds.
  • In terms of vibration, all piling methods have the potential to result in perceivable vibration at multiple buildings, with some methods having the potential to cause cosmetic damage

Given the existing community sensitivity to the works, and subjective and objective (attached report) evidence of likely adverse noise impacts from construction activities, we are seeking justification from the Local Authority as to why action under Section 60 the CoPA (1974) is not appropriate in this instance?

In addition, we are seeking confirmation from the Local Authority that appropriate construction noise and vibration controls, including ensuring ‘best practicable means’ are in place will be enacted with respect to the works associated with neighbouring developments, including Planning application ref DC/2018/00588 erection of 68 dwellings.


Please note this report will download in PDF format. As it was sent to us in this way, we cannot provide it in an alternative format.