Objection to planning application DC/2023/00424

Application Number: DC/2023/00424

Address: 31A Victoria Road Formby Liverpool L37 7DH

Proposal: Change of use from dwellinghouse (C3) to 4-bed children’s home (C2), with associated staff accommodation

Case Officer: Mr Rob Cooper

Formby Parish Council would like to object to the granting of a certificate of lawfulness for the proposed change of use of the above premises from a dwellinghouse C3 to a residential institute C2 for reasons outlined below:

The dwelling is planned to consist of 6 bedrooms and the space within curtilage which currently accommodates the parking of up to four vehicles. In addition to the staffing levels of up to 10 residential support workers per day and parking needs during staff handovers, the premises will also attract visits from other official parties that will add to parking issues on the road. This stretch of Victoria Road is already a busy thoroughfare with restricted parking on the roadside and so Formby Parish Council have serious concerns regarding the volume of traffic that a project of this nature will create.

The number of car parking spaces is lower than that expected by the Councils car parking standards set out in the Sustainable Travel and Development SPD.

There would be a material change in the character of the dwellinghouse through an increase in comings and goings and subsequent disturbance, including the changeover of staff and the daily arrival and departure of the manager and the associated professional and personal visitors. The children would be in the care of a Local Authority so there is potential for multi-agency visitors to the premises. The degree of visits from external agencies is likely to depend on the individual needs of the child, so visits could be frequent and may be from agencies outside the borough.

There will be an effect on the amenity of the immediate neighbours in relation to the likely additional vehicle related noise from staff and visitors. Including car door slams, engine noise and potentially from shouting from the garden and house with open windows in the warmer months.

Yours sincerely

Claire Jenkins

Parish Clerk