Website Accessibility

Formby Parish Council has built this website with accessibility in mind. Please read on to discover how we aim to make this site accessible to as many people as possible.

We have included a simple but strong-contrasting colour scheme, keyboard navigation facilities, and we go to great lengths to try to ensure our text is marked up with the correct HTML tags so people using screen readers can find the information they require as easily as possible.

That said, it’s almost impossible to cover every angle of accessibility and so that’s where we encourage people, in association with AbilityNet, to empower themselves with the knowledge of how to modify their computer or mobile device to further enhance their web browsing experience for all websites, rather than just ours.

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My Computer My Way

My Computer My Way (MCMW) is a section of the AbilityNet website containing instructions on how to modify the accessibility settings of your computer or mobile device to make your web browsing experience better.

Please visit the My Computer My Way section of AbilityNet in a new tab.

MCMW is regularly updated by disabled people for disabled people and they’re also available to contact be email or phone.