St Luke’s Church Road Rights Of Way Application Decision

Rights of Way

Please find below the decision from Sefton Council on Formby Parish Council’s application for Rights of Way at St Luke’s Church Road area. Copies of the minutes are available to view in the downloads section

Following receipt of applications under Section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, for various Rights of Way along and adjacent to St Luke’s Church Road, Formby to be added to the Definitive Map and Statement, the Council’s Licensing and Regulatory Committee has resolved that the Council will make a number of Definitive Modification Orders.

The effect of this decision is that Definitive Map Modification Orders will be made under the above mentioned legislation to record Alexandra Road, Cambridge Road, Range Lane and parts of Albert Road and St Luke’s Church Road as Byways open to all traffic, further sections of Albert Road and St Luke’s Church Road as footpaths and footpaths along two tracks connecting Albert Road to Alexandra Road, a track extending seaward from Range Lane and the link from Beechwood Drive to St Luke’s Church Road.

When the Orders are made there will be a consultation period of 42 days to provide opportunity for any interested party to make representations. At that time, a copy of the Order and plan together with a Notice giving details of the Order will be sent to you and details will also be published in the local press and displayed on site.

The landowners concerned will then have a formal right of representation against the Modification Orders. Only if and when the Modification Orders have been confirmed will public rights of way legally come into existence and, until that time, the routes have the same status as they do today.


Please note that the minutes will download in PDF format that can not provided in an alternative format.